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  How was OLI OLI created? The best answer to this question requires an explanation of two concepts in French culture brought up by Genevan philosopher Jean Jack Rousseau, which is two forms of self-love: amour-propre and amour de soi. Amour-propre indicates an unnatural state of self-love that arises from competition when one's esteem depends on the opinions of others. People within a society compare themselves to one another and base their self-worth on this evaluation. The concept can be seen clearly in our modern-day culture, specifically through social media. In a world full of competition and widespread social media usage, we have watched artists give up dreams, dreamers become realists, and realists become pessimists. We end up with a society marked by inequality, low self-esteem, and a superficial set of values.

  OLI OLI was created to promote contrasting concepts of amour-propre, amour de soi. Amour de soi is a natural form of self-love that does not depend on the opinion of others. We aim to spread and imbed in people's minds the idea of amour de soi – to love and value yourself based on no one's opinions. We hope to create an inclusive space for all, express their complex identities, and encourage self-love. Space free of comparison and critique. We want to introduce you to a separate realm from social media tactics that make you feel unworthy and unloved. We strive to create a safe space and community where everyone is welcome regardless of their story, background, or baggage. At OLI OLI, we use skincare to get there. 

  At OLI OLI, we take the best of what nature offers to create effective and results-driven formulas that deliver on the promise without using harmful, toxic, and animal-derived ingredients to reveal and stay true to our beauty. We pride ourselves on harnessing the power of pure botanicals. We only use the highest quality ethically and sustainably sourced superfoods alongside proven active formulations to treat, love, and care for your skin and hair. OLI OLI natural products will leave you with a clear conscience as we align with recognized organizations that share our same commitment to source the best beauty responsibly and ethically for you. We want to empower you to look and feel beautiful inside out by providing a healthier choice for your skin and hair care routine.

OLI OLI founder

Alexandra Gritskevich

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